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       R & R MARINE  

                    TEAM BASS PAY 2021

             VENMO-  @JEFF-JOHNSON-550


                 Pines Team 

4. 4-24-2021
5. 5-29-2021

Director: Jeff 903-767-3821


 Pines Individual 

5. 5-8-2021

Director: Jeff 903-767-3821

 Ark La Tex

  1. 5-1-2021      Patman   

 Director: Chris 903-733-1587

Ark La Tex Individual

  1. 5-22-2021      Patman
  2. 7-17-2021       Millwood
  3. 8-07-2021      Patman

Director: Chris 903-733-1587

      Fork Individual

        Presented By Santone

  1. 4-25-2021   SUN.
  2. 5-23-2021   SUN.
  3. 6-20-2021   SUN.
  4. 7-18-2021    SUN.

Director: Jeff  903-767-3821

 Redneck Team

    Presented By Brannan's Bass Shop


4-17-2021           Sandlin

5-22-2021           Pat Mayse



Director: Jeff  903-767-3821

       Redneck Individual

     Presented By Double C Outdoors      

3. 4-18-2021            Pat Mayse   (SUN)
4. 6-5-2021              Sandlin
5. 7-10-2021             Pat Mayse

Director: Jeff 903-767-3821

 Palestine Team

  1. 4-10-2021
  2. 5-8-2021


Director: Jason James 903-245-3701  

 High Rollers

4. 4-11-2021  Pines  canceled
5. 5-15-2021       Patman 
6. 6-19-2021       Pines

Director: Chris 903-733-1587   PAT

Director: Jeff 903-767-3821   PINES

Summer Team  

  1. 6-12-21           Pines
  2. 6-26-21          Sandlin
  3. 7-10-21           Patman
  4. 7-24-21           Pines
  5. 7-31-21           Sandlin
  6. 8-14-21           Patman

Director: Jeff  903-767-3821


85% Payback

1 place paid per 5 entries 



90% Payback

1 place paid per 5 entries



Membership is a one time fee and is good for 

the entire year for any division or tournament


INDIVIDUAL -                              $120

TEAM -                                          $200 

HIGH ROLLER -                           $320 

SUMMER-                                     $140


SEPTEMBER 25 & 26, 2021 

LAKE:  Palestin



SEPTEMBER- 11 &12, 2021



                                   RULES 2021


1. All protest should be taken to the tournament director before the weigh in line closes. All videos are welcome. 
2. The AOY will be the first boat to take off at each tournament. Teams will be given a boat number and added to the early entries list when your entry fee is received. 

3. The AOY for the 2021 will get to fish free for 2022 season.

4. Off Limits will be Wednesday through Friday the week of the tournament unless you are paid and signed up

                         ARK LA TEX. ONLY 

Ark La Tex Division off limits will begin on Monday the week of the tournament unless you are paid.  After payment is received each team/individual will designate two (2) practice days the week of the tournament.

5. No Professional Anglers: Professional anglers are defined as any individual that has fished as a pro in any series for more than 3 years or has earned more than $100,000 in tournament proceeds in a year.

6.No guiding within 3 months prior to tournament lake day. This is for Bass guided trips only. 

7. There will be a polygraph at random divisions for 2021.
8. Any member under the age of 16 must have the signature of their parent or legal guardian. If fishing the individual as a youth no membership is required.
9. A team will consist of one or two anglers per boat; only registered contestants may be in the boat during official tournament hours. A contestant may fish alone as a single person team. Individual consist of one angler unless youths are fishing 16 yrs below. You can help youth land fish. Youth cannot help angler on netting or landing fish.

10. Substitutions are allowed during season events.  Each angler can have 1 substitute and they must be added to the membership form before the 1st tournament.  There will not be any substitutes allowed during the Championship.

11. Championship Tournaments OFF LIMITS will be announced the day the championship lake is announced.   
12.Team Bass reserves the right to refuse any membership or tournament entry fees or entry forms for any reason. 

13.Team Entry fee is $200 includes BB-- Team High Roller Entry Fee is $320 includes $20 for BB.
14. Individual Entry fee $120 includes BB
15. Team Championship Entry fee $ 300.

16. Individual Championship Entry fee $200.

17. Championship Lake will be announced before the 1st tournament of 2021. 
18. Team Bass youth 16 under fish free. (In the individual)
19. Annual $30 membership fee required for all anglers.
20. One place paid 1 per 5 places

21. To pay all tournaments at once for same boat # will put down order that we rec. payment.
22. All ties will be resolved by splitting that place and the next place’s money or can flip a coin if both party's agree

23To qualify for  the Team Championship teams must fish 4 tournaments in a division or 6 total from all divisions.  

       To qualify for Individual Championship  anglers must fish 4 tournaments in a division or 6 total from all divisions.

24. All winner's will be subject to a polygraph exam before the prizes are distributed at each event. Contestants must pass the polygraph exam at the tournament site to receive prize money and points for the event. The Tournament Director reserves the rights to waive any violation of these rules that are disclosed to him before the polygraph exam, in his sole and absolute discretion. 


1. PayPal, Credit 
Card, and Venmo will be available online at anytime. Will take Credit Cards onsite. Mailed entries will be accepted until the Thursday before the event. Cash is always welcomed.  Ark La Tex division anglers can also drop off entry fees until 5:00pm Wednesday before the tournament at Baits n Blades in Texarkana.
2. On-site registration will begin at 5:00 am the morning of the event.
3. Each team must register in person at the designated site; a completed and signed entry form must be received before the start of there 1st tournament. Contestants may launch their boat from any ramp, but must come through the official check point before leaving to fish.
4. Trailering will be allowed in certain events ,the event of severe weather, alternate take off instructions will be provided by the Tournament Director.

5. With a pre paid entry, off limits period of tournament water for fishing, scouting, locating any bass will begin at sunset the day before the tournament.   

6. Boat stalls, slips or beaching of boats is allowed on the night before a tournament.  
7. Tournament hours will be posted prior to tournament.
8. It is the angler’s responsibility to get the official time from the Tournament Director.
9. Only artificial baits may be used. No live or cut bait is permitted (pork baits are permitted and Alabama rigs are permitted).
10. All bass must be caught alive in a legal and sporting manner. No snagging.
11. Each contestant may only use 1 rod at a time. No more than 1 line in the water at a time per angler.
12. All fishing must be conducted from the boat. At no time may a contestant leave the boat to land a fish.
13.Trolling with the combustion motor is not permitted.
14. Contestants may fish anywhere on tournament waters accessible by boat, except areas designated as “off limits” or “no fishing” or by state or federal officials, or within 50 yards of a competitor’s boat which was first anchored (an anchored boat is a boat held in a stable position by a line attached to a weight with the trolling motor in the up position), or within 25 yards of a non-anchored competitor’s boat unless otherwise agreed upon by the other tournament angler.


1. A limit of five bass (Largemouth, Smallmouth, Guadalupe, and Spotted) may be weighed in per team.
2. No team may have no more than (5 bass) in the live well.
3. Individual may have no more than (5 bass) in at the live well.
4. All fish must be a minimum of 14 inches unless on a slot lake short fish presented for weigh-in will result in the loss of that particular fish.
5. There will be a .50 penalty for each dead bass presented for weigh-in. Culling of dead bass is prohibited. 

6. Weigh-in will be back at the official check point location according to the appointed time. All contestants must check in with a Tournament Director prior to weighing fish.
7. The scales will be open during tournament hours for the purpose of weighing big fish. If weighing in early, a team can only have up to the culling limit for the remainder of the tournament. The remaining culling limit is decreased by the number of fish weighed in early.  Ark La Tex Division events will not have scales open until weigh in.
8. Any team checking in after their appointed time will forfeit that day’s catch.
9. All contestants are required to follow high standards of sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation.
10. Safe boating must be observed at all times. Each contestant is required to wear a fastened (fully zipped and/or all clips fastened) U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation device any time the boat is above idle. All boats must be equipped with an emergency ignition shut-off device, which must be securely attached to the driver’s body any time the boat is above idle.
11.Tournament hours may be shortened or canceled due to unsafe weather or any conditions that would endanger the safety of the competitors at the Tournament Director’s sole and absolute discretion.
12. In case of inclement weather it will be the contestant’s decision to stay and fish or seek shelter/leave. Once tournament fees are paid and the tournament has begun there will be no refunds for any reason.


1. Yearly point standings will be determined by a point and pound system. 1st place will receive 200 points plus there daily weight ,points will descend in increments of one. 

2. The team or individual that accumulates the greatest amount of points for the entire season will be declared “Anglers of the Year”. The AOY will receive comp’d entry fees for the 2022 season.   


1. Mobile communication devices are encouraged for safety reasons but their use is prohibited during tournament hours for the purposes of finding or locating fish.
2. Consumption of alcohol or any non-prescribed drug is prohibited during tournament hours.
3. All boat operators must comply with the laws of the State of Texas, for a complete list of Texas PWC Operation Laws please visit:   


1.Team Bass, has the irrevocable right and permission to use photographs and/or video recordings of tournament anglers on and other websites, as well as in publications, promotional flyers, or for any other similar purpose without compensation.
2. Photographs and/or video recordings of anglers may be placed on the Internet. Anglers may be identified by name and/or title in printed, Internet or broadcast information that might accompany the photographs and/or video recordings. All anglers waive the right to approve the final product. All such portraits, pictures, photographs, video and audio recordings, and any reproductions thereof, and all plates, negatives, recording tape and digital files are and shall remain the property of Team Bass.
3. Tournament anglers hereby release, acquit and forever discharge Team Bass, its owner and employees from any and all claims, demands, rights, promises, damages and liabilities arising out of or in connection with the use or distribution of said photographs and/or video recordings, including but not limited to any claims for invasion of privacy, appropriation of likeness or defamation.  
4. Protests must be made in writing  of the official closing of the scales at each tournament.
5. Decisions of the Tournament Director are final and are not subject to appeal. Interpretation of these rules will be left exclusively to the Tournament Director.
6. All participants expressly assume all risk(s) associated with each tournament event and hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless Team Bass, the host, all sponsors and Tournament Directors from all claims or injury and/or damage arising out of, or related to and/or incurred in connection with any Team Bass sponsored event(s)

* 903-767-3821
* Facebook (Team Bass)

     TEAM BASS 2021

          REDNECK TEAM

     SANDLIN 4-17-2021

1. Gary Proffitt-Archie Hayley

2. Jimmy Ballard-Chris Baker

3. Clay Penny-Barry Tucker

4. Ryan Vaughan- Rusty Vaughan

5. Jeff Strickland-Joe Allen

6. Kevin Binion-Josh Risinger

7. Billy Moreno-Bob Gross

8. Logan Richardson-Matt Carpenter

9. Brandon Beers-Chip Jenkins

10. Glenn Berry-Randy Cannot

11. Mike Cannon-Russ Carter

12. Steve Brumley-Kevin Brumley











     TEAM BASS 2021

            REDNECK INDV.

       PAT MAYSE  4-18-2021

1. Danny Brown        (AOY)

2. Jimmy Ballard

3. Clay Penny

4. Brandon Beers













     TEAM BASS 2021

      TEAM LOP    4-24-2021

1.Todd Smith-Jason James       AOY

2. Sean Goodson-Bill Sweeten

3. Chris  McGregor-Mike Wood

4. Larry Wilcher JR.-Ryan Satterfield

5. Scott Hoing-Keith Rose

6. RJ Ross-Michael Pearson

7. Larry Williams-Brian Keith

8. Clay Penny-Barry Tucker

9. Michael Yoder-Cody Ross

10. Corey Bird-Perry Hawley

11. Dewayne Holder-Jacob Holder

12. Doug Jordan-Keith Jones

13. Ken Hinson-Clay Hinson

14. Cole Simpson-Chris Harris

15. Derek Bartley-Craig Gross

16. Jimmy Burgess-Brian Porter

17. Jeremy Laxton-Kyle Verner

18. Harold Bennett-Blake Bennett

19. Carlos Pacheco-Kent McCarty













     TEAM BASS 2021

       FORK INDV. 4-25-2021

1. Steve Hodge     aoy












     TEAM BASS 2021















     TEAM BASS 2021

         LOP INDV.  5-8-2021

1. RYAN SATERFIELD           ( AOY)

2. Chuck Waggoner             

3. James Haskins                 

4. Larry Wilcher  JR.          

5. Chad Williams                 

6. Cody Ross

7. Dewayne Holder

8. Chris Bergt

9. Kyle Donley

10. Chris Kinney

11. Doug Jordan

12. Clay Hinson

13. Cole Simpson

14. Clay Penny












     TEAM BASS 2021

    TEAM PALESTINE 5-8-2021













     TEAM BASS 2021

  HIGH ROLLERS 5-15-2021


1.Doug  Jordan-Keith Jones     AOY

2. Ryan Satterfield-Larry Wilcher  AOY












     TEAM BASS 2021



1. Gary Proffitt-Archie Hayley

2. Jimmy Ballard-Chris Baker

3. Clay Penny-Barry Tucker










     TEAM BASS 2021

     ARK-LA-TEX INDV. 5-22-21














     TEAM BASS 2021

     FORK INDV. 5-23-2021

1. Steve Hodge     aoy












     TEAM BASS 2021









About Us


My name is Jeff Johnson. I have loved to fish from the moment I experienced the excitement of my first catch as a young boy. From that day, fishing became my passion and some would even say that I am hooked.
I have fished many tournaments through out the years, as well as putting on the Tuesday night tournaments during the spring and tournaments on Lake Welsh during the fall months. Meeting new anglers and competing are exciting and drive me to continue growing in my fishing expertise.
Recently, many have asked that I start a new tournament, and who am I to deny the popular demand? I decided to take on the challenge and create, Team Bass. I look forward to seeing the successful 2020 Team Bass come to life with mighty anglers competing for the win. Now, let's get ready to rig, jig, and cast our way to a fun and competitive year together!
Jeff Johnson